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March 16th - 19th, 2017

Street Smart® In-Depth Training with Lou Brown in Atlanta, Georgia

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If you structure your offers today's way, you could
make thousands of dollars on leads you've been throwing away!


Survival tips for today's market!

Make irresistible offers for jaw-dropping profits!

Quickly raise all the money you can stand for your deals!

Secret ways to lock in ZERO interest owner financing!

A proven tip that can make you a fortune with SHORT SALES!

How to lock your deals up tight so sellers' can't wiggle out of them, sell to another investor, or get cold feet...


What would an extra
$100,000 do for YOU?

This is what it did for Mark and Lynn Jackson from Atlanta GA...

"I made $100,000 off a deal I thought was dead! Lou taught us that we are non-traditional investors focused on finding solutions. Without this training I would not have made this money!"

Without spending another dime on marketing, without spending an extra minute with a seller, Mark added $100,000 to his bottom line.

I'm Lou Brown, and for over 20 years I've taught thousands of people to make millions of dollars using my system for Real Estate investing. You CAN exceed your own wildest expectations! Let me show you how I do it... and how you will too! Read what's inside and save BIG $$$!

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AT LEAST $100,000 in profit!

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Street Smart® In-Depth Training
with Lou Brown in Atlanta, Georgia

March 16th - 19th, 2017

Stop Throwing Good Money Leads Away!

Let 30-year Real Estate investor and trainer Lou Brown show you how to create... not lose... great deals!

I've been through markets like this one and before and can teach you EXACTLY what to do now! The timing couldn't be better -- blood in the streets while banks and homeowners crash and burn. You can save them -- I'll show you how!

I've combined my most money-making deal structuring secrets into a powerful 4-day training that will teach you how to squeeze every penny out of any lead!

My Millionaire Deal Maker training is where I reveal personal earned-through-blood-sweat-and-tears deal structuring strategies created over the last 30 years of being in Real Estate. In Millionaire Deal Maker (MDM) training, I teach you how to craft true win-win deals, how to make offers that no seller can refuse, how to get into deals with no money and little risk and how to pull all of the profit out of a deal.

That's a lot, but not nearly all! At this event, I'm going to "fill-in-the-blanks" in other people's training and I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to negotiate and structure every deal, even the ones you thought were trash! Forget the old adage: "profit is all about the leads", it isn't! Profit lies in what you do with the leads and that is what I will be teaching at my next event.

Others say this training is the best real estate training out there. You won't find it anywhere else. And you'll meet the great people who have become my loyal licensees and created millions of dollars in wealth for themselves throughout the country! You'll have time to sit and talk with me, with my Millionaire's Club members, with my new BizWiz local area representatives who coach real estate investors like you in your own backyard, and with smart, savvy business folks like you who want the real deal.

Simply speaking, my MDM training is the most important thing you can do for your financial future. If you haven't figured that out already, read on! Inside this guide to MDM, you'll find select secrets that you can begin to apply immediately, success stories that will motivate you to change your life starting today, details about what exactly you'll get out of Millionaire Deal Maker, and a list of the $10,475 worth of bonuses you'll get at my event! Take my word for it - keep reading!

Success stories from MDM students...

"We now have 24 properties producing $60,000 dollars passive cash flow yearly and we are looking at our biggest year of income ever. Our equity is now over $600,000 dollars and our net worth has tripled. And this is one year after graduating your MDM training. I cannot afford to miss anything Lou Brown has to offer."
- Jim Williams and Karen Rittenhouse, Greensboro, NC

Jackie Coleman from Washington D.C. took my advice. She bought a deal to class she thought was a loser. After review, my coaches and I forbade her from throwing the deal away. We told her exactly what to do. Jackie went back home, followed the simple plan we laid out and ended up with a check for over $109,000!

"Louis, I've spent thousands of dollars on seminars that left me with only a small portion needed to do this business. Thanks to you I just closed on a property with over $30,000 in profits."
- Daniel Murrah - Atlanta, Georgia

"Lou, I have to admit I had become too comfortable with my way of investing, but I now realize I was missing so many other opportunities to make the real money! I'm a real money machine now!"
- Bruce Barilar - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Words of Praise from Ron LeGrand, Real Estate Guru

"His name is Lou Brown. He's a legend among Real Estate entrepreneurs because of the system he's built. He has been at it for over 25 years and he's seen it all. He's truly a man who practices what he teaches. To this day, his full time profession is real estate investing and he does it well. He's got the best system of forms and agreements for real estate on the planet. What's more his teaching skills make it easy to understand what he's teaching. Even beginners get it quickly."

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EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Register more than 2 weeks prior to the event to get special pricing - call 800-578-8580 for details!  Sell two new primary clients and you can come for free!


  • $100,000 DEAL CHALLENGE
    You could be the next student to win our $100,000 challenge! At every Millionaire Deal Maker
    event, Lou makes it a personal goal to have at least one student leave the event with a $100,000 in profit on a "dead" deal. Will it be you? Be sure to bring your leads to class! We work them right there!
    First 10 first-timers only!
    First-time registrants for MDM will enjoy lunch with Lou during the event where you can ask any questions you want about your own deals. Limited to 10 per day.

    Register now to reserve
    your VIP seat at this exclusive table!

    We recognize the great value of exchanging ideas and experiences with other investors, so we make sure you have plenty of time to rub elbows with your partners in profits! Our events run 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM.
    Save money & add to the fun - bring a friend! Ask us how...

    Real life case studies, visuals and all, on exactly the magic words I use to get sellers to cooperate by offering them the right deal for their needs. You will learn using REAL LIVE DEALS that you and other players will bring to class and we structure them together RIGHT IN CLASS!
    Complete the course and receive a "Certified Deal Specialist" (CDS) Designation including parchment certificate!
    Including our Real Deal Maker
    software that completes the paperwork for 4 different deals! Not available anywhere else at any price!

Refer a friend and earn!

All Street Smart events are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and packed with thousands of dollars in bonuses including our exclusive Real Deal Maker Autofill Disk!

Who Else Wants to Make More Money?

"I learned how to put together no fewer than three deals that I had previously abandoned."

- Heather Pauley - Columbus, Ohio

Can you imagine what your life would look like if you could avoid the same mistakes others make? What if, starting tomorrow, you made a profit on EVERY single lead that came your way? How different would your life look like in a year? Two years? Five years? That is the power of knowing how to structure a deal to make you the most profit, even when the deal looks like a loser. The fact is that MDM is a life-changing event. I've had graduates change their ENTIRE business model after coming to this event and start making 50%, 100%, even as much as 300% MORE MONEY just because they can work less, spend less, and make more off of each and every deal. This event is about making you richer, faster! Can you think of anything else you need to be doing Thursday through Sunday that could be MORE important than coming to MDM?

The Lead Myth

Most people think the solution to more business is more leads. That's a myth. The reality is, applying the secrets of advanced deal structuring to leads that were headed for the trash can turn them into mounds of cash. You will be learning all of my sacred deal-structuring, money-exploding secrets at my 4-day Millionaire Deal Maker training. Keep up with the times!

Stop Falling Short of Your Dreams!

Take a long look at those deals that were over-financed with no equity -- these leads are some of the ones that will get you where you want to go! I will teach you exactly where the profit hides in those deals and how to get at it every time! Imagine what the other investors in your market will think when they see you closing less deals, but making more money, without having to increase your marketing budget a penny! Would they be jealous? Wouldn't they want to know the secret formula that you know?

See, just like you, everyone else out there knows that it just doesn't make sense to buy a home that is over-financed or doesn't have equity (much less both) so they walk away. You have a completely open, easy to play market that will make you mind-blowing profits just by using the systems you will learn at my upcoming Millionaire Deal Maker™ event. You simply can't afford to miss this one!

or call 1-800-578-8580

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Register more than 2 weeks prior to the event to get special pricing...
Call 800-578-8580 for details!
  Sell two new primary clients and you can come for free!

Four days of in-depth Certification Training on designing killer deals, pumping life into "lost" leads and crushing your competition!

We'll cover... Foreclosures... Latest Short Sale Strategies That Work... Loan Modifications... Forebearance and:

  • 35 different ways to structure deals for today's market that most investors don't know. You'll leave with a deal structuring checklist, too!

  • What I (and other top investors) do to lure the very best leads before anyone else does. (NEW)

  • 7 little known secrets that will steer you to tremendous profits in big houses... even as the market tanks.

  • My new techniques to borrow at 6%, interest only... with no payments! This will save you thousands!

  • How to effortlessly avoid the deal-shattering profit-stealing mistakes most investors make in every deal!

  • Why NOW is the best time to get your dream home. I'll share with you how I used one simple tactic to move from a cramped 3 bedroom house to a spacious, new 5 bedroom, all brick house in just one day for $2,000!

  • The only magic words - still unknown to most investors - that make the seller give you the deed to the house. (And a check for your troubles!) That's right, the seller pays you!
    In less than 5 minutes, you can know when a neighborhood is getting white hot and ready to sky rocket in value. (THIS IS BRAND NEW)

  • A new way to squeeze every penny from a deal. (I typically make an extra $2,000 on every deal using just one of the strategies I'll share at this Millionaire Deal Maker training.)

  • Secret ways to lock in ZERO interest owner financing (think of the money you'll be saving in interest). This alone is worth millions and anyone can do it!

  • Detailed training on exactly how "Subject To" works - and the paperwork to do it RIGHT!

  • Insider secrets to presenting your offer so that sellers say "Yes! I'll do that!"

My special "class only" updated manual reveals my incredibly simple deal concepts and automation tools! No matter what area of the country you live in, big money deals will be falling into your lap without any effort from you.

Be Sure to Dig Through Your Trash and Bring Those Deals You Thought Were Dead!

Bring them to class -- we'll work them LIVE! You'll have the ability to easily break down leads to uncover the hidden hunks of profit you have been leaving on the table. I'll be training you to "know when to hold them - and know when to fold them".

  • You'll discover the "nuts and bolts" of deal strategy and extra profit centers.

  • You'll "know when to walk away - AND when to run."

  • You'll understand the "art of the deal" and how to optimize 14 different hidden profit centers others have no clue about.

Plus... with my "personalized teaching" you will finally know when and where to use each one. There are no gray areas of doubt in this system. It's comprehensive, yet so simple you can use it immediately! I never let anyone out of my training with any questions on implementation. I make sure that you know exactly how to take my systems, apply them to your business TODAY and start making more money with less effort tomorrow!

or call 1-800-578-8580

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Register more than 2 weeks prior to the event to get special pricing...
Call 800-578-8580 for details!
  Sell two new primary clients and you can come for free!


"If you're serious about this business... you can't afford not to attend MDM. Just one of the many ideas you learn at this event will easily make you more money than the cost. How many leads have you failed to buy because you weren't sure how to solve the seller's problem and still make money while minimizing your risk? I'll bet you said "a lot"! If the answer is one deal or more, you missed the opportunity to have made way more money than the investment of this training! You'll learn how to structure your offers and what to say and not say to your sellers. That's right, the real words! Don't delay anymore- GET TO THIS INVALUABLE TRAINING!"

- Mark Schmale, President, Real Estate Association of Puget Sound - Seattle, WA

"Until you attend MDM, you are leaving thousands of dollars at the bargaining table."

- Michael Belair, Wellington, FL

"The information and knowledge I got out of Millionaire Deal Maker was priceless! The event was a big blessing to me! Thank you Lou!"

- Kevin Penn - Lawrenceville, GA

"If only I had done this training 3 years ago I would be at least $200,000 richer. Thanks Lou, this bootcamp is the best! I'll be back!"

- Bill Sanford - Whitsett, NC

"Using just one of your concepts on structuring deals I kept the house from going into foreclosure and bought a house worth $135,000 for $99,800. I estimate at a very conservative growth rate this will yield me well over $400,000 over the next few years."

-Mike Palombi - Lake Mary, FL

"Thanks so much Lou. I am confident that your systems and what you taught me at this event will make a big difference in my investing career and help me achieve my personal and financial goals."

- Stephen Grant - Houston, TX

"I have looked at, purchased and found that no one, I mean no one, teaches how to do the business better than Lou Brown. He gives you the tools to succeed! I have wanted to come for several years, and now having attended, I realize that I waited too long. I felt like a student who didn't complete his training. Before the live seminar I had the tools but I was clumsy with them. Now I know better how to effectively use them. I am truly licensed to deal. What a great feeling! Thank you Lou! Your dedication to our success is inspirational."

-Tim Hiebert, Bozeman, MT

Need more convincing? Let me make you a deal you can't refuse. I know you love a great value -- well, buckle up! Because I am going to give you...

$10,475 Worth Of Bonuses

Bonus #1 Valued At $2,497...
"My Interview with The Shadow - Part 1" The Bank's inside Secrets... At a recent event I interviewed a 10 plus year veteran of the banking industry and, hidden from view, he shared all the banks inside secrets! I've been told that this is the VERY best information on the insider secrets of the banking industry. I've been using it in my own business with enormous success...

Bonus #2 The Shadow - Part II Value $2,497...
Well, the first one was so good and there was more to tell,, so I bribed my contact inside the bank to divulge even more insider secrets of getting your short sales accepted. You'll get the deep dark hidden bank secrets of government and investor programs known only to the bank negotiators and exactly how they get paid to accept your short sale -- on CD, ready to play!

Bonus #3 Value $3,495...
This training improves each time because we update it with the latest cutting edge discoveries we find every day. You'll want to come back over and over. Re-attend this event (my most popular training) in the future and get a discount of $3,495! You'll pay only $500 to repeat the latest version! As long as this event is offered.

Bonus #4 Value: $995...
Special "Closed Door" 4th Day of Training Free! Imagine being able to offer a seller a free credit repair in exchange for their deed (and their equity). And they'll love you for it. We'll show you how it works. You'll love this new way to buy. Also, how to clean up and improve your own credit!

Bonus #5 Value: $2,995...
Bring a Spouse for $495 (Free if you register soon) Lord knows this business is tough enough without having to convince the one you love that it can happen. I want your spouse (or other family member) to be on board with you. Their support is critical to your success. Bring them to this event because it takes a team, a team in the office and on the home front for you to live the life you so desperately want and deserve.

PLUS A few more surprises that I've decided to keep under wraps exclusively for the few who will be there. Will you come and get all this... or sit at home and regret missing out?

Just One Idea Pays For Your Training!

The market's changed in the last 6 months and you need to change with it! Often investors tell me they have come for just one idea. They understand that just one idea implemented is worth far more than the cost of the training. Smart thinking. Just one idea from this boot camp you put into practice will easily put money in your pocket now and forever. But I intend for you to have more. Why? Because you'll have a system that you can easily follow to the money now. You'll now work on your business instead of at it!

It's time to act NOW for your own and your family's future. Graduate testimonials reveal they really learn far more than "just one" money making idea, and you will too.

Let's get started now on the path to quick closings and fast cash. Can't afford it? Think about it. You can't afford not to come. This investment in yourself will yield hundreds of times more that the cost! Just like it has for thousands of my graduates over the years. MDM is my favorite events. Why? Because I watch folks just like you receive the tools they REALLY need to succeed in this business from the training and their eyes lights up when they realize they are so much closer to their dreams because they have the skills... and they even make deals right there!

Come learn to be a Millionaire Deal Maker™ and earn the Certified Deal Specialist (CDS) Designation in Atlanta, Georgia. This incredible event is designed to show you exactly how to get to the money PLUS receive a FREE bonus day of vital training.

EARLY BIRDS receive a travel allowance. This event is just pennies for the dollars you'll make! I can't see how you can afford not to come. I wish this training had been available for me when I was losing tons with all the deal making mistakes I could have avoided. I would have paid a lot more to avoid that.

P.S. EXTRA BONUS: We've arranged for a special rate at the host hotel. Once you register, we'll give you information on how to get your special rate. At our last event all the rooms were sold out, so don't delay.

P.P.S. SPECIAL SOFTWARE: Don't forget my powerful Real Deal Maker
Autofill software that all graduates receive!

P.P.P.S. LIMITED SEATING: I am committed your success. That's why I will not overcrowd this event. Call now to make sure you can get in this event before the decision makers get all the seats!

P.P.P.P.S... Remember, bring deals with you to the event you couldn't work and leads you thought were dead. Let's find the money in those deals together!

"In the first month after attending your Boot Camp we bought 4 houses worth over $120,000 in cash and equity. I used to only know how to buy houses with low all cash offers, but now I can take them as they come and consistently buy deals no one else will touch."

- Kris Kirschner, Lawrenceville, GA

Lou's Certifiably Crazy,
"Who Does This?",
Take It to the Bank, No Risk,
100%+ Money Back

Some people think I'm nuts, but I want you to commit to this event right now, with no concern over the cost, what it's worth, or even if it's a good use of your time and money. Why? I know what it will do for you. I think this is the best guarantee any trainer has ever given and I want to offer it to you:
Attend the entire first day and evening... if you are not absolutely convinced that the money making strategies you've learned will earn you truck loads of money and if you honestly think you didn't learn enough to make back over 10 times your investment over the next 90 days, then politely tell our staff and you will receive:
1) A 100% refund on your tuition
2) $50 Cash To Change Your Flight
3) Keep The Bonuses As Our Gift*
You must return the seminar manual and you may not take advantage of the repeater discount.


Please don't let concerns about money keep you from learning how to make more money!

Contact my office today and ask for Linda. We'll be sure to make Millionaire Deal Maker deliver a lifestyle for you and your family where money is no object!

or call 1-800-578-8580

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Register more than 2 weeks prior to the event to get special pricing - call 800-578-8580 for details!
Sell two new primary clients and you can come for free!

Do YOU Need
Millionaire Deal Maker

Ask yourself these questions from the Millionaire Deal Maker Deal-Making Mastery Checklist. If you check one box... or all of them... YOU NEED MDM!

  • When structuring offers... DO YOU...
    Know the 35 different kinds of deals you can offer to solve the seller's problem? Do you have the forms?
    Follow a formula to structure your offer?
  • Know how to be your own appraiser? How to assess the real value of the property?
  • Know how to evaluate the information you get from the seller to help you create the best offer?
  • Know how to buy upside-down properties -- where the seller owes more than its worth?
  • Know how to prevent the lender from calling the loan due when you buy "subject to"? Do you have the proper forms?
  • Know how to find the deal inside the deal?
  • Know how to wholesale deals to others? Do you have the proper forms?
  • Know how to buy properties from estates through the probate process?
  • Know all the extra profit centers and how to get them? Do you have the forms?
  • Know how to negotiate a deal even if it's in bankruptcy?
  • Know how to buy a foreclosure property without going to the auction?
  • Know the words to say to get the bank to modify an adjustable rate loan to a fixed rate loan?
  • Buy fully-financed properties when you could buy free and clear?
  • Know how to prevent someone from stealing your deal? The proper forms to record to stop them?
  • Have paperwork that negotiates for you? (Or do you use flimsy off-the-shelf forms?)
  • Know your exit strategies before you buy? Do you know how to get out of a deal at no cost?
  • Know how to buy properties in a down market and come out with a profit?
  • Use technology every day to accelerate your business? Are you getting the most out of it?

Yeah Baby! I need this YESTERDAY!

March 16th - 19th, 2017

Highlights of the Millionaire Deal Maker Special Event Manual Table of Contents

  • Latest Lead Generation Secrets
  • The Seller Interview Process
  • Sellers' Pain
  • Your Solution
  • Your Presentation
  • The Sales Process
  • The Offer Process
  • Seller Pays You to Buy
  • Seller Finances Your Buy
  • Seller Carries Zero Interest
  • You Take Over Their Payments "Subject To"
  • The Magic "Cost to Sell"
  • You Overpay and Make a Profit
  • How to Wholesale for Quick Cash
  • 35 different Ways to Structure a Deal
  • Seller Pays All Closing Costs
  • The Big Money Exit Strategy
  • Buying Any House, Any Location
  • Long Distance Profits
  • Automation Secrets
  • Online Offers
  • Contract Secrets
  • Profit-Making Clauses
  • Foreclosure Stops
  • Bankruptcy Rescue
    AND MORE...

or call 1-800-578-8580

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Register more than 2 weeks prior to the event to get special pricing - call
800-578-8580 for details!
  Sell two new primary clients and you can come for free!

All Street Smart events are 100% satisfaction guaranteed and packed with thousands of dollars in bonuses including our exclusive Real Deal Maker Autofill Disk!

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