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Millionaire Deal Maker LIVE!

4-Day Live Training

Jan 25-28, 2024

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Millionaire Deal Maker™ is a comprehensive four-day training focusing on real-world real estate investment strategies in today’s changing market. It blends creative deal structuring, advanced negotiation skills, innovative financing methods, and AI integration, offering hands-on experience with real-life deals with opportunities to work on live deals, learn the latest in lead generation, and network with successful investors… guaranteed to be a life-changing experience.


January 25th to 28th, 2024, in Atlanta, Georgia. This exclusive, once-a-year training spans four intensive days, starting daily at 8:30 AM and ending at 7:30 PM, with the final day concluding at 5:30 PM. Schedule your flight after 7:30 PM on the last day. It is held at our fine hotel located near the airport. Our hotel room block is limited, so register quickly.


Controlled Class Size: To facilitate interactive, group-based learning and practical application.

Hands-on with Real Deals: Bring current, past, or dead deals for live analysis and structuring.

Expert Insights and AI Focus: Professional guidance on complex deal structures, negotiations, and AI applications in real estate.

Networking Opportunities: Dedicated sessions for collaboration with peers and experienced millionaire investors.

Deal Financing Options: Offered only for participants.

Extended Support: Before, during, and after the event!


You qualify for a $1,000 discount, reducing the $3,995 investment to $2,995 while Atlanta seats are available. Explore payment plan options by calling us. Use code MDM2024. You may also qualify for a one-on-one consultation with Lou Brown, valued at $1,000, but slots are limited.

The Livestream option is $500 off at $3,495 with just $995 down or $1,000 off paid in full.

Previous MDM event attendees can always enroll for just $500 and get everything too!


If after attending the first full day in Atlanta, you feel you haven’t learned enough to make a tenfold return on your investment in the next 90 days, simply return your manual for a full tuition refund, plus an additional $50 to offset any flight change costs. Keep any bonuses you’ve already received as our gift! Does not apply to virtually Livestream attendance.


Limited seating and the exclusive nature of this training mean special rates and discounts are only available with early registration. Stay at our hotel if rooms are available. Visit or call us at 1-800-578-8580 to reserve your seat today!

What You Will Master

Lead Generation and Sales
  • Latest Lead Generation Stealth Buying Secrets
  • The Seller Interview – Discover the Seller’s Pain
  • Street Smart Presentation – Your Instant Cure
  • The Sales Process – The Offer Process
  • Online Offers – Long-Distance Buying
Innovative Deal Structuring & Negotiation
  • 37 Different Ways to Structure a Deal
  • The Magic “Cost of Sale” Strategy & Worksheet
  • Overpay and Still Make a Profit!
  • Secrets in the Contract – Using Profit-Making Paperwork
Creative Financing and Exit Strategies
  • Seller Pays You to Buy
  • Seller Finances Your Purchase
  • Seller Carries 0% Interest
  • You Take Over Their Payment “Subject to”
  • The Big Money Exit Strategy – Holding Long-Term
Leveraging Profits and Automation
  • Multiple Profit Centers When Buying
  • How to Wholesale for Quick Cash
  • Multiple Automation Secrets
  • Long Distance Profits
Special Situation Opportunities
  • $10 Houses Strategy!
  • How to Stop the Foreclosure Techniques
  • Bankruptcy Rescue – Buying Out of BK

Up to $12,000 in Bonuses!

Bonus #1 ($2,495 value) - The Real Deal Maker™ Autofill Software

Custom-built software simplifies the process of creating multiple offers and documents. Complete all offer paperwork by filling out just one form based on a seller’s details. It auto-populates four different offers and streamlines managing multiple deals.

Bonus #2 ($2,995 value) – Your Plus One Opportunity

Bring a family member or 100% partner for just $500.

Bonus #3 ($2,495 value) – Millionaire Deal Maker™ Manual

Comprehensive step-by-step training guide and collection of custom forms, breaking down complex processes into easily understandable steps.

Bonus #4 ($3,495 value) – Alumni for Life

Remarkable privilege to re-attend this training annually for just $500 for as long as it is offered, now in the 20th year. Ensures you stay up-to-date with the latest strategies, tools, and software.

Bonus #5 ($995 value) – Stealth Marketing Secrets

Special closed-door fourth-day bonus session on stealth marketing strategies to significantly boost lead generation. Discover effective techniques for finding and securing deals before properties hit the market.

Bonus #6 ($995 value) – HUD Buying Secrets

Specialized instruction with HUD properties buying for less than asking price using a unique bidding process proven successful. Gain insights into strategies for purchasing at huge discounts, and very timely with current market trends!

Bonus #7 ($995 value) – Deal Funding Workshop

Strategies for raising private money. Discover where to find, how to raise, and ways to communicate or negotiate to finance deals that need cash.

Bonus #8 ($995 value) – Certification

Earn the “Certified Deal Specialist” (CDS) designation upon completing the certification process for enhanced credibility and professional recognition.

NEW Bonus #9 ($1,495 value) – AI Marketing and Growth Hacking:

In-depth training on integrating AI into your real estate business including new online training modules, powerful AI-empowered tools, and live post-event virtual AI training sessions with Richard Roop and Lou Brown. Start building practical skills and build your business using cutting-edge AI tools and strategies. Full details here!

How to Become a Millionaire Deal Maker

Watch this brief video as Lou shares strategies for a enjoying huge competitive advantage in the market including… Buying without relying on bank loan qualifications… Securing buyers or renters before buying… Ways to get paid before completing a sale… How focusing on buyers leads to more deals,… How to buy right and buy cheap. Discover what you can expect attending the Millionaire Deal Maker live event this year!

MDM Game Plan to Thrive and Succeed

Dive into this final buying strategy session where Lou demystifies property valuation, unravels strategies to navigate fluctuating markets, especially during election years, and shares insider tips on probate deals, dealing with listed properties, and AI integration into your game plan. You’ll find practical strategies, live deal evaluations, and the next steps for becoming a millionaire deal maker using Lou’s innovative process for buying more deals. Elevate your ability to navigate uncertain times while achieving your real estate income and equity accumulation goals!

$100,000 Deal Challenge

You could be the next student to win our $100,000 challenge! At every Millionaire Deal Maker™ event, Lou makes it a personal goal to have at least one student leave the event with a $100,000 in profit on a “dead” deal. Will it be you? Be sure to bring your leads to class! We work them right there!

Can’t be in Atlanta? Attend virtually via Livestream with just $995 today!

Call 1-800-578-8580 to check on seat availability and enroll by phone.

"AI Marketing & Growth Hacking for Real Estate Investors"

Exclusive NEW AI Bonus valued at $1,500!

Free to ALL 2024 event participants! Unlock your potential with our exclusive Bonus Training Package on “How to Use AI in Your Real Estate Business” featuring industry experts Richard Roop and Lou Brown. Dive into the world of AI and apply the knowledge, tools, and strategies you’ve gained during the Millionaire Deal Maker™ event!

Due to Thursday’s server crash Thursday, masterclasses replays will be available here through Tue, Jan 23rd.

Enroll to attend Millionaire Deal Maker virtually this year by Tuesday to get your pre-event online access to the newly updated Manual and Property Valuation Software downloads in time.

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Millionaire Deal Maker January 25-28, 2024

Call 1-800-578-8580 to secure your spot by phone!
Apply promo code MDM2024 at checkout to get $1,000 off your seat in Atlanta!

Can’t be in Atlanta? Attend live virtually via Livestream option with as little as $995 down today!

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